February 2017 Long Weekend Update

Hey ATM’ers!

Hope you all had a great long weekend (here in Canada), whatever they call it where you are. It’s “Family Day” here in Ontario, but other provinces have different names (Islander day in PEI, etc.).

We had SUPERB weather here, almost spring like, so it made it easy to get outside. I did some work around the house and some cleanup in the observatory. It even stayed clear enough to get some observing in. However, I did run into one problem; the drive motors on my mount died! I put on a knob on the RA axis to be able to bump things along manually and get some observing in, but this is going to be a problem.

Looks like another project.

It’s one I’d been planning on anyway, but other things had higher priority. But this changes the order again.

I need to make up an adapter to mount the Losmandy base on the pier. More specifically an extension pier. So, time for some work with the lathe.

Of course, another obstacle on the way there…

Made it half way in cutting the round stock (schedule 80 6″ 6061) and the band saw blade broke in half! Almost looks like it failed on the weld, and I suspect this is something that could be fixed. But that a low priority project. I finished it up with some huffing and puffing and grunting (hack saw) and went on to machining.

Still haven’t finished the coupling, but I have another little project I’ll need to do to do the machining on the pier tubing (a large diameter steady rest or something of the like).

More to come as things progress!


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